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Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes is designed for Android mobile strategy. Production combines the structure of the game in the style of Clash of Clans mechanisms RTS. We develop so base and roll of battle, but in each of these planes have full control over the units, and we have to manually control the skirmishes and the collection of raw materials.


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    Requires Android : 4.1 and up
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Informations about Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes Android and iOS Game:

Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes is released on Android mobile real-time strategy. Production uses a model free of micropayments. Developed her studio Flaregames, that the authors of a series of Royal Revolt.


The action takes place in a well-known hits from the previous universe, and in contrast to most production in this style, Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes APK Download offers an extensive campaign narrative. Divided it into sixty missions in which fight the minions of a mad scientist known as Dr. disaster.

At first glance, released on Android Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes remains faithful to the basic principles governing this species. The game is divided into two spheres so. The first module is strategic, in which we can manage the database. We have to gather resources, construct buildings, conduct research into new technologies and build automated defense systems, capable to fend off the attacks of enemies to our command center. At the same time we train the army and it serves us to play in the field of tactical, where a military carry out attacks on the base of artificial intelligence or other players.

The authors were not content, however, restoring the standards of the genre, and instead added a lot of elements of the classic RTS. First of all, we have full control over the units during the skirmishes and they can freely give orders to attack or move, and not just passively watch yourself lead the fight. At our disposal we were given substantial diverse set of soldiers and each of them has a different specialty. Furthermore, the opponent is not passive during the clashes and spawns its own units and construct new buildings, making it difficult for us the win.

Also, database management is more complex. We have more buildings to choose from a collection of raw materials requires special training units and thus forces the game to decide on what resources are our priorities at the moment.

Developed by a team of graduate Flaregames simple real-time strategy, which is a non-core, mobile installment of the tower defense game by Subatomic Studios. Action Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes Download Android takes place in a universe of well-known hits from the previous cycle, and in the course of an extensive campaign storyline fight the minions of the mad scientist nicknamed Doctor disaster. Gameplay mechanic combines the features of the classic RTS with elements of casual mobile production the likes of Clash of Clans. On the one hand we have so managing our base, collection of raw materials, construction of new buildings and research on new technologies. At the same time, however, we train the army, taking part in the subsequent skirmishes with opponents, during which freely have ordered our units to move and attack.

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