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  • Experience the new The Sims 5 gameplay as a teenager! Experience the new The Sims 5 gameplay as a teenager!
    The Sims 4 – Teenagers making-up
  • Create unique characters in The Sims 5 pc Create unique characters in The Sims 5 pc
    The Sims 4 – Personalize your Sim in the way you like!

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  • get your the sims 5 copy now

    Welcome to our exclusive and unique web page of The Sims 5. We would like to introduce you how you can easily move here and access safely to the game directory for pc. EA Studios has finally released a pre-test version and it’s giving away BETA copies of the game for Free through our website. The BETA test has been released for free because within these years, before the next 2019 release, the team will be very busy in fixing all those errors, bugs and glitches. We want you to support us on reporting those by submitting an alert message to our developing team. Your help is very needed! That’s why we have decided to release it for free to all those users and big fans that can’t wait anymore before putting their hands on the new copy. That’s actually happening because there’s a huge amount of work to do and we’re not still sure about the official release date actually. Believe it or not, this a trustworthy safe secure website where you can access the content and prepare yourself to contribute to this great project for the purpose of reducing analyze and monitoring effort. You will be a collaborator thanks to your careful work after you got The Sims 5 download. In order to prevent and block mass download , we insert an easy and free survey that has to be completed before accessing the content. We would be happy if you proceed without doubts because you won’t pay a single penny as we might ask you just a little bit of your time to complete the offer that will perfectly redirect you to the TS5Launcher.exe download. Once you get the file (35.3 MB), it will ask you to choose a folder where to install the videogame directory (14.2GB). Updates will be auto-installed and once it’s completed you can run it and enjoy!

    The Sims 5 Gameplay will shock you with its incredible new features!

    As we liked to introduce you the great announce, we will go now deep trough the features included in the new The Sims 5 gameplay. Lots of you may not expect the extraordinary improvements that we did compare to the last version of Sims 4. We choosed to overturn all those outdated characteristics and give to it a new shine and HD quality in terms of graphics. A new bunch of new interactions has been implemented in order to level up it into a new deep roleplay experience mode. Let’s have a look at these new innovations:

    Better graphics: In this case, all those graphics aspects have been increased. First of all, as you may see our leaked screenshots, you will be totally amazed by the great new HD graphic that it’s now applied to sims, objects, and environments. We gave a new shine to entire gameplay applying this great 3d new model effect by improving lighting, shades, inner and outer backgrounds. Few examples: trees are now moved and shaken by the wind, see lighting coming through the window giving that ultra-realistic dynamic. These are only a few examples and we like to invite gamers to discover the others by playing it.

    What a great HD effects after you get The Sims 5 Download

    A new Open World: Unlike the previous versions of Sims series, we designed a complete new expanded world system. Each lot is loaded at the same time you walk through it in order to prevent lag and slowness gameplay experience. This method will allow you to have more interactions and availability depending on where your sim’s at. You will now see cars driving down the streets, sims moving on their lawn while cars are parked in the driveway, children going to schools and so on. When you drive down into a town center you can now enter in hospitals if you have any mental/physical pain, buy food and stocks in supermarkets, hang out with your friends at the club. Of course when you’re sim is now at work, you can see him working and doing his job with sensational animations in the inner professional environment. A deeper management system has been included: your sims can now handle their our finances such as bills (gas, water, electricity), gasoline, physical banknotes and each consumption is measured by how much usage each object has had. It will be more complex and hard and that’s why we’ve decided to mix some of SimCity qualities to enrich and expand the upcoming The Sims 5 pc game.

    Improved AI System: Sims will be able now to better recognize their family members, their friends, their enemies and their loved one. They will instinctively react to certain situations realistically without any input from the player. This can bring more interactive and rational game involvement: for example, if sims see their best friend and husband cheating on him, we imposed him to react to that in a logical and sensible way. Each sim will be unique down to the personality; a different identity system that makes each sim act differently from one another. An improved emotional system: so an embarrassed or anxious sim won’t leave the house or won’t talk to anybody. Or an angry sim will yell at everybody that walked past in the street instead of the standard “happy huge smile” on their faces. Of course, sims can’t be perfect as we are human beings.

    4 Seasons and Pets Added: We’re so bored about that eternal sun that we’ve set a 4 seasons year time and you will enjoy spring, summer, autumn, and winter with their relative weathers. So imagine raining and snowing, storms and thunders in the background set. How can we forget about our lovely pets? As we liked the “Sims 3” pets expansion idea we decided to propose it again it enlarging breeds of cats and dogs.

    New stage age mode: We have comprehended far more life stages in the sims life system. The age is far less staggered so instead of going from baby to teen, your sims will pass throughout these 10 stages: newborn baby, toddler, child, preteen, teenager, young adult, adult, middle age, ancient and elderly sim . We’ve realized more life events such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, parties and an innovative Calendar System that will slow down sim’s daytime allowing players to make more stuff and things.

    The Sims 5 Download Information:

    Platforms: Windows, Linux or Mac
    ESRB Rating: RP (Targeting a T+ Rating)
    Players: 1
    Release Date: 2019
    Online Features: Yes
    Activation: Yes (1 time BETA activation required)
    Developer: Maxis
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Console Release: PS4/Xbox One

    The Sims 5 Pc System Requirements:

    Operating System: Windows 7 or later
    Processor:: i3 or later
    Ram: 2GB Ram or better
    Disc Drive: DVD Required for disc copies
    Hard Drive Space: At least 14.2GB space with at least 1GB extra for CC and Saves
    Video Card: 1GB Video Card or better

    Supported Video Cards: Nvidia GeForce 6 series or better, and all NVidia G, GT, GTS, and GTX video cards. ATI Radeon™ series card 9500 series or better, and all ATI X, X1, and HD video cards; IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA): GMA 3-Series, GMA 4-Series
    Please note that the GeForce 6100 and 7100 cards are not supported.

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