The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Hacks And Cheats Android iOS PC


The Walking Dead – A New Frontier

This game is based on the popular serie The Walking Dead. A New Frontier is the third season of the game. This awesome game is developed by Telltale Games. This article will tell you about the features of our hack for this game.

The Walking Dead – A New Frontier Hacks

Unfortunately this game comes with some restrictions, I’m going to tell you how you can bypass these with our hack made for iOS, Android & PC. Follow the instructions carefully, if you don’t you might get banned.

Hack instructions (Download file below first)

Please click on the button to download the hack, you might get asked to fill in a verification. This download will contain BOTH files, for iOS Android and PC.

PC For PC gamers it’s fairly easy, just copy the downloaded file and paste it in the game folder. The folder is most likely in your Steam folder. After you’ve done that press F12 and a menu will appear. You can use the up and down buttons to control the menu.iOS & Android You’ve got 2 options, either download the file via your phone or download it on your PC and transfer the file to your Phone via USB. Place the file in your root folder and go to System > Check for updates. The menu can be opened by pressing the volume down button 5 times and can also be controller by the volume buttons.

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